Slumber with a number

It’s a nighttime tradition for many Americans to don their pajamas or PJs before heading to bed. Whether you’re living in the Midwest during the winter and prefer wool PJs with the built-in footies or in sunny Southern California and wear short-sleeve PJs before going to bed, everyone has at least one pair. But, where did this tradition come from? Why do people wear pajamas? And why do they have such a funny name?

Traditionally, many Americans donned a long night shirt before going to bed up until the late 1880s. Although, after English colonials started to settle territories in the East and found that Indian loose-fitting jackets and trousers were very comfortable and light weight, perfect for sleeping or lazing around the house, our bedtime attire began to change. Interestingly, the word “pyjama” finds its roots in the Persian word “payjama,” meaning “leg garment.” In fact, the English began to wear them on those rare hot days in summer. But, it wasn’t until the 1920s when the fashion fad hit the United States. Given the frosty climate in all of America, fashion experts started to include “footies” and make nightgown out of heavier, fleece textures with a specific end goal to keep Americans warm during the evening, extending the prevalence of night wear.

Pyjamas additionally turned out to be extremely mainstream with American kids and are a famous piece of the American social milieu. Everybody recollects the well known Norman Rockwell painting of a kid in PJs with the base fold open or Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” being compelled to wear pink bunny night robe on Christmas morning. The prominence of pyjamas has achieved the point where nowadays a few people really go out in the open wearing them. It’s normal to see somebody at the supermarket or strolling their puppy in shoes and PJs. PJs can likewise be utilized as exercise apparatus since they’re lightweight and ideal for exercises, for example, Yoga.

There are a number of sorts of women and men pajamas available to get and if you are getting confused in getting some for yourself then just take a look at these pointers:

  1. Comfort is king: Pjs are basically for comfort and that’s where the main focus should lie. If you are planning on wearing them outside then look for a regular or slim fit and ensure that you can be comfortable wearing them all day all night.
  2. Pjs are made of a fabric that feels like they are not even there and yes I am talking about cotton or silk. It can be any fabric, the only condition is that it doesn’t irritate your skin in the form of rashes or getting stuck to your skin.
  3. Prints and patterns: This is something that you decide for yourself. If you want to wear them at home then go wild and get what you want but if they will be worn in situations involving new people, be it outside or at home then go for subtle prints. They not only look classy but also quirky at the same time.

So, the next time you unwind and prepare for bed or just going out to casual outings, you’ll understand that what you’re wearing isn’t only comfortable and wearable only at home but also something that can be classy, chic and perfectly acceptable for wearing outside. Anywhere you decide to go with them just go with a good pair and when you are done, slumber with a number!



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