Sandos all summer

The sando t shirt is one of the hardest items in a man’s wardrobe to pull off, or is it? I’ve established a handy how-to guide that will help you pull off the controversial piece without any fear of looking a mess. Of all the controversial items in a men’s wardrobe, the sando t shirt, or tank top as it known by our friends on the other side of the atlantic, is perhaps the most hotly discussed. Many would argue that a certain physique is required to pull one off, or that they should be seen strictly in the gym and nowhere else, but I disagree.
Believing that it has to given another evaluation, I’ve assembled a handy little guide on how to not only get away with pulling off a sando t shirt, but how to make it one of the most fashionable items this summer. Don’t believe me? Well read on.
Your Physique: Most guys tend to worry about wearing them due to the fact that they aren’t built like Channing Tatum. Nobody thinks their skinny little arms are that attractive, and so we do what seems right to us and keep them hidden away from the world. Worn correctly however, it can work with a variety of different outfits, especially in the summer time. If tall and skinny is your look, try out a long line design to emphasise your height without drawing too much attention to your form. You can always pair one with a form fitted pair of jeans and tennis or maybe converse shoes for a subtle and stylish look. For the more muscled men out there try picking out a looser fit design that fits smoothly over your form, while accentuating the bulk of your arms.
What to Wear With a sando t shirt: Sando t shirts or tank top aren’t an acceptable item of clothing in all situations, but during the summer months they are perfectly suited to festivals, days at the beach and other casual social events. It can also suit casual street wear, providing the fit is right. Make sure when you’re wearing a sando that it’s nicely fitted around your armpit area. You don’t want to ruin anyone’s casual outing by the sight of your armpit hair. The same applies to the neckline – make sure this isn’t too loose. Unless you have huge pecs chances are this will just show the world your nipples, and that’s never an attractive look.
What to Wear With a sando t shirt In the Summertime: Partnered with a nice pair of shorts the sand can be perfect for a nice hot summers day, keeping your body from going into meltdown. Try combing a neutral coloured sando with a pair of patterned shorts, or these denim ones with a belt and some boat shoes or casual pumps to get that perfect laid back summer style.
So let go of your inhibitions and let the sandos reign over your summers.


Rock the tank this summer

I get asked by a lot of people about the “rules” to pulling off a tank top. The “sun’s out guns out” staple is a tricky piece of menswear because the line between great and gross is a very fine one. As in, the presence or lack of a single inch of fabric can make all the difference. Because tank tops run the gamut from T-shirts without the “T” to cutoff wrestling singlets, drapey fabric suspended on two shoulders to gym-body-baring feats of engineering, we think the best way to start making sense of it all before summer’s longest weekend is with some inspiring visual evidence. I will gladly point out the following rules of tanking it up this summer and how to put those tank tops for men in to use:

  1. It All Comes Down to Fit: Like your favorite tee, it should fall just below your belt loops. It should not hug your torso tightly. In fact, it should hang about half an inch from your body; this will help keep your sweat from showing up in big pools. You also might want to err on the side of less revealing for your own tank (no offense, you’re great!). Also,one point in this area is to be kept as a thumb rule, never buy a tank, no matter how good it is, unless and until its form fits you. You don’t want to get stuck with either an oversized bag or a choking tank.
  2. There’s a Golden Rule of Showing Skin: This is a moment when we want to REALLY stress moderation. At the crux of it the amount of skin that you can show must not exceed the square inches covered by your tank top. Your tank should have armholes that descend no further than your first rib. The neckline should sharply end above the latitudes of your pits.
  3. Make a Tank Top Your Summer Wardrobe’s Bright Spot: Don’t wear a tank top that references lifting, gym mottos, or being swole. You looking good in a tank top, means you put in the time to make it happen. What you can double down on is color and prints. Sober appearances apply to mens wear’s more traditional pieces, but when we’re talking about a casual style that uses minimal fabric, some swervy choices don’t come off as overpowering. We’d suggest graphic stripes, color blocking, or repeating trendy patterns like haveli or gormint designs.
  4. Don’t Just Wear It to the Beach: Who says you have to wear your tank top by itself? Tank tops are great for layering under light jackets, blazers, and over shirts. You can easily wear one under your suit, though, make sure it’s classy enough for the occasion. You might get a kick out of the high-low mix of a tuxedo and a Señor Frog’s tank top. But when it comes to style, we firmly believe that jokes should be left to your conversation rather than your closet.



White is just right

You may think your LBD or those dark pumps are the most flexible pieces in your closet. And keeping in mind that those standbys are absolutely up there on the ranking, it’s the exemplary white T-shirt,you know, the plain old whites that you usually purchase for around 300 bucks in a bundle,that is truly the evergreen and most versatile piece in your wardrobe that you can use. Because of the fundamental way of the t shirt, the ideal style can be worn a huge number of courses, for pretty much every event.

Consider a situation where you have a wardrobe is filled with colors, prints such as aao kabhi haveli pe or gormint, graphics and you have to find a t shirt that can be coupled with a new bomber or leather jacket or a new shirt or a quirky new skirt. A printed or rather say loud topwear would overshadow the new clothing article that you want to showcase in your outfit whereas the white t shirt will not only look pleasant but also won’t hoard much of the attention from showcased piece. When it’s about completing your outfits and if you are missing some pieces then white is just the right fit.

I will be highlight certain ways to style around your white t shirt, this will not only help you construct more outfits but also will show you the extent of versatility the white t shirt carries:

  1. Wear it with a simple skirt and sandals to complete a casual outing look
  2. Put on a dark floral blazer, jeans and sandals to complete a chic fit
  3. Couple it with a cream blazer and shorts to show off your semi professional look
  4. You can also pair it with colorful trousers and pumps to be a bit outstanding
  5. Similar to the floral blazer, couple it with a dark floral print or some pattern print skirt to complete your summer getaway look
  6. Leather jackets and or dark trousers or skirts work really well with the white t shirt and if you are wearing binary colors combination then they not only look sober but also look sharp
  7. Ripped joggers or long skirts are another coupling option for you here.The former can be used in fitness or physically intensive outsings and the latter can be worn to a backyard party
  8. Different types of necklines such as crew, v neck or round neck can be exploited when wearing it. For example while adding another layer on the top a crew or round neckline works whereas, while sporting a skirt or jogger, the v neck works perfectly fine

So, as you can see a white t shirt can be put on with almost anything if you are running out ideas to make up an outfit and also it is a perfectly complimentary to any new pieces that you might have added recently to your collection and want to show them off.

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Growing up with Garfield

The one that excited me about the newspapers when I was a little one was that fat, sassy, orange cat with an obsession with food and a hatred for Mondays which becomes more relatable day by day. Garfield comics has been a part of almost everyone’s world at a point of time and it goes to show that it is not the most syndicated comic strip without a reason.

Garfield not only brings back memories of our adventurous childhood filled with sugar rushed weekends and special cases of boring summer vacations, it basically makes everyone target a happy memory, instill a feeling of familiarity and warmth and if that is what we get while wearing a Garfield print, don’t you think  that is a huge advantage in any social setting.

Printed t-shirts have been out in the market for a long time now and are a perfect way to dress to make a statement, so if your statement of the day is a comical satire on life or just a casual familiar feeling then Garfield is the cat you can rely on as fashion dies with every day but Garfield, being a cat, at least has 9 lives and can let you get away with it by the way you wear the print.

From vests in the summer to hoodies in the winter, from t-shirts for men to tank tops for girls, Garfield can be donned on anything and a lot of companies since its conception in the year 1938 have been merchandising it. I got my Garfield tank top from bewakoof.com, the caption on the top “is there life before coffee” with Garfield holding a big hot cup of coffee with a mother’s love is not only funny but is a great way to break the ice while meeting new people.This top of mine always attracts smiles and who doesn’t love that.

Now you might be thinking that being a mature adult, donning on a character from your childhood or even the recently trending Aao kabhi haveli pe t shirt is not a smart choice and I would refute this misconception by telling you that you can easily get away with it and here is how:

  1. Always take care of the fitting of the top, as only the fitting will cause you trouble but not our dear Garfield

  2. Take care of the color of the clothing article you are buying. Garfield will always draw attention to itself so stop that greedy fatty by choosing a color that compliments your eyes, for example, shades of red will always bring out the brown in your eyes and the darker shades of green or blue bring out lighter shades of gray, green or blue in your eyes

  3. You must couple your Garfield print tops and t-shirts with clean bottom wear such as plain jeans and plain shoes, this ensures a strongly focused look and accentuates your orange buddy.

You can never go wrong with Garfield, especially on those dreaded Mondays, so get one and start flocking along with those like-minded friends of yours, visit your childhood again and have some fun with what you wear, once in awhile.

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Fitness and Fashion

Sometimes having a great fitness wear collection makes all the difference between sitting on a couch watching the reruns of your show or actually going to the gym, the new look will always assure of doing that one session which you would have missed out otherwise.Fitness along with fashion has evolved over the years and so our choices. Tops got more cropped as the fitness clothing became more technical starting from the 90’s. With the advent of long distance running events as well as the iconic CrossFit has made people more conscious in terms of what they choose to put on when fitness is involved. It is thus, more than clear that fitness now has its own form and culture and thus it’s on an ensemble of fashion articles.

Anyone can go to the gym and the track with the same old ratty t-shirt and worn out pyjamas or a tracksuit but dressing-up for any occasion not only builds up excitement for that activity but also gives you a lasting feeling of doing it again and that’s why keeping a few outfits just for the gym and other fitness activities is a must.

While picking up clothes for fitness one should always keep in mind the precise intersection of function and style. By function I want to stress upon breathability of the fabric, the flexibility it provides one for movement and the versatility it carries along with it for a plethora of activities. For the top wear one can always prefer clothes that carry more of a sense of style with them, the stores are filled with such blends and one can access a wide collection of vests and t-shirts that not only look cool but also provide the functionality required. For the bottom wear, where the majority of movement is required, one should always aim for comfort and also it only adds to it if what you wear is stylish enough to take it from sofa to the streets, personally I prefer jogger pants as they are not only super comfy but also come in so many varieties that it’s easy to wear them anywhere and not get the stinky eye. I got my jogger pants from bewakoof.com, they are olive green in color and I’ve had it on repeat this week along with the recent Aao kabhi haveli pe t shirt.

There always some choices you must avoid when going for fashion in fitness such as:

  1. Never compromise on functionality over style as it might cause you harm if you got on the treadmill with loose clothing and it gets stuck for any reason.

  2. Baggy clothes are good for breathability but they provide the least agility while working out. Smaller clothes not only look sharper but also gives you that sense of freedom and agility in exercising which baggy clothes can never give.

  3. Always take care of the fabric while working out, this includes laundering after extensive workouts and managing the wear and tear of your clothes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and then get chopping!!! 

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The Denim Shirts Revolution

Denim is a wonderful fabric, don’t you think so!! Its rough, its tough, warm, easy to use with and the list goes on and on. Looking at the Ice Blue Denim shirt in my closet which I bought from bewakoof.com, I began to wonder about the origins of this fabric and I stumbled upon something really interesting. I found out that it was originally used by workers who did rough jobs and they wore it because of its durability, it was extremely strong and was a perfect fit for their daily jobs. It didn’t wear out easily and were perfect as a fabric they can keep for the long run. In the very beginning of the 19th century, the gold miners in America wanted a fabric that didn’t tear off easily and to make this wish true Levi Strauss started a wholesale business and later patented reinforcing of fabric technology along with a Nevada tailor to make what is popularly known as Levi Strauss today.

So, it’s established that denim clothes are forever and when it comes to shirts for men they are a godsend as men like to play rough. But playing rough does not always result in compromising of a fashion sense and this means that men need a denim shirt that’s not only suitable for rock climbing but also works well with beach parties !!! There are many ways to pull off the denim and this is how you should do that:

Based on the look you want:

  1. If the oversized, casual and cool look is something that you want then a heavyweight shirt is something that you should pick. Not only it gives off an alpha male and rugged vibe but also is really good for layering up with something like a sweater.
  2. If you would rather go for a slimmed down look then get a lightweight denim. You can pair it up with a t-shirt inside, preferably a lighter shade and get noticed in a crowd of people trying to pull of cotton shirts.
  3. Unbutton the shirt if it’s a lightweight, couple it with a white tee and that will be your casual look. For making a statement you can always be donning the double denim ( both shirt and jeans) with similar shades to create a unified outfit. For a formal look, couple it with a vest that compliments the shade, tuck it in and you are good to go.

What not to do:

  1. Never compromise on the fit of it as that is the worst thing to damage your look. Always keep an eye out for the types of collars you are going with as denim must always bring out your face and eyes.
  2. In terms of color, a washed out denim works with all your other outfits and a light denim shirt works better than the dark hues.
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The man in a white shirt-An irresistible classic

Amidst the sea of colors in your closet, that trending Aao kabhi haveli pe t shirt and with all those shades of gray (not the book!!), blue, yellow and pastels there is an irresistible prince which is white, for white is the culmination of all the colors and that’s how it impacts anyone who sees you wearing it. Without white, your wardrobe will be an incomplete jigsaw puzzle and without it, you can never truly learn the value of care that a fabric requires. The white is an easy equalizer and can be paired with almost everything from printed trousers, formal skirts or denim jeans, the possibilities are endless and the impact of the outfit is evergreen.

The white shirts for men and dress shirts for women not only give off a cool masculine charm for the men but also an aura of pureness, authority, and clarity when it comes to both the genders. The white shirt has always excited the designers to experiment upon because it can be created to convey anything and is basically a canvas for them.

Now, one of the main problems that I faced in that clothing article was on how to find it. On the surface it’s just a shirt with no color or print but delving deeper it would make a huge difference if the choice is just wrong in any way. If you are a Harry Potter fan you would definitely relate to the philosophy that the white shirt chooses you and not the other way around, my crisp white regular fit chose me at bewakoof.com, basically, it all depends on your chemistry and the feel good feeling you get wearing it. The price of the shirt doesn’t decide it’s quality as anyone with a good sense of fabric quality can get it tailored in countries like India but still if you have to have some parameters keep a lookout for these:

  1. Fabric type should be predominantly cotton as it plays out with the lightweight feel of the shirt and it’s easy to find different varieties but be a little meticulous in about the quality, weave, and the blend. A wrinkle free shirt would serve you well and higher thread count will often give you a royal lustrous feel.
  2. Pure cotton carries a lot of responsibility with it and if you get a carefully selected white shirt be prepared to wash and iron it extensively.The blends are easier to clean as compared to cotton, which shines the best with a hand wash.

All in all your white shirt will be high maintenance and will be full of contradictions but it will be chock filled with etiquette.